WEILLdigital 2021

The Kurt Weill Festival was one of the first events in 2020 to be cancelled due to the Corona pandemic.
Whether the entire festival will be able to take place as usual in 2021 is impossible to say at this point.

This is why those responsible at the Kurt Weill Society sat down together and devised a new concept to ensure that in 2021, we will not have to do without culture.
Things will be a little different, more modern, more digital.

But that also means it will be accessible to everyone, and worldwide.
With the currently limited number of tickets on sale for the first part of the festival in February 2021, we had to find a fair solution. A new ticket allocation procedure by lottery will be used to select attendees from all applicants. All the others can look forward to livestreamed concerts.
The first will take place before the end of this year, when the festival kicks off with Katharina Merle on 16 December 2020. Full information is available on the Kurt Weill Festival website.